Professional management of large-scale construction projects in Russia
Failsafe mechanism for construction project management

Cost Estimation Services from INVEST CONSULTING

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Elena Plekhanova

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The key to a successful project is the correct assessment of the potential investment, as well as possible risks pertaining to the particularities of Russian business procedures. A lack of understanding of the local features and the delicacy of Russian laws can cause budgetary miscalculations for Western consultants. As these miscalculations add up, it leads to increased expenditures, time delays, a decrease in profit, and loss of investor interest in the project.

The experts at INVEST CONSULTING understand how to make your plans correspond with the realities of business in Russia. We provide the experience, so that your project proceeds with an accurate assessment of all expenses. The INVEST CONSULTING team will provide an independent report for all expenditures in each stage of the project lifecycle:

  • Analysis of registration certificates, technical passports, book-keeping, ground surveying plans, project and cost accounting documentation, licenses, investment projects, and calculations.
  • Relevant market analysis.
  • Calculation of comparative costs of the project conceived by the investor.
  • Valuation of economical expediency of the project.
  • Valuation of volumes and periods of project realization.
  • Optimization of construction expenses.
  • Creating a consolidated budget that calculates the real cost of the project.
  • Preparing a general schedule for project realization that coincides with the investors’ interests and their control over execution.

We provide a thorough, expert analysis for developing the potential project situation. This allows us to instantly answer any questions you may have and provide solutions to issues that arise.