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The challenges met by foreign investors in Russia differ from typical construction project problems. Foreign organizations often have difficulty seeing the full details of construction in Russia, which include personnel issues, legislation, and even unexpected climate peculiarities.

Time delays, exceeding budgets, poorly executed works – these are only a few of the problems that may arise from incompetent project management. INVEST CONSULTING aids investors by planning for each stage of the building project’s lifecycle. We skillfully analyze risks and regulate expenses. We make your project manageable, and we provide complete transparency in the building process. Here are some additional benefits of using our services:

  • We predict and minimize problems that arise in the process of construction projects.
  • We prepare and manage the execution of general schedules for construction works.
  • We optimize time management for deadlines to project realization.
  • We increase work efficiency by coordinating the efforts of all project participants.
  • We tackle the uncertainties and risks involved throughout the project realization process.
  • We maintain transparency throughout the investment project.

By working with INVEST CONSULTING, investors see considerable cost savings and reduction in construction timeframes. We maximize our clients’ investments, and we can do the same for you. Entrust your project to a reliable project management team with Western education and extensive experience with the construction industry in Russia.