Professional management of large-scale construction projects in Russia
Failsafe mechanism for construction project management

Construction Management Services from INVEST CONSULTING

Dedicated person

Timur Vakhitov

Phone: +7 (917) 265-11-99

Seasonal weather patterns in Russia, lack of knowledge regarding Russian logistical and marketing traditions, confusion about legislative standards – these often lead to serious delays in putting into operation the construction objectives of foreign investors. The experienced project management team at INVEST CONSULTING will provide holistic management for the construction of your facilities.

With a wide working experience in Russia, knowledge of local laws, and personal contacts within official organizations, we have the basis for successful realization of your complex investment projects:

  • We select reliable contractor organizations and control all construction entities, in order to avoid over expenditure.
  • We organize the complex supply of construction materials and equipment, taking into account optimal logistics.
  • We make periodic and final audits of construction and installation works before commissioning the facilities.
  • We constantly monitor necessary project financing.
  • We provide investors with all reports regarding project status.
  • We prevent accruing fines from inspection organizations.
  • We complete the package of as-built documentation for presenting to inspection organizations.
  • We get the permits for putting the facilities into operation and the property certificate.

Regardless of the difficulty or scale of a project, we always act according to the investor’s interest and find the optimal method to effectively realize your business idea. We protect the project throughout any unpredicted conditions of building in Russia, including relationships with local government and law-enforcement organizations.