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Sergey Petrov

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For investment programs, one of the reasons why construction and the equipping of industrial buildings may slow down is discrepancies in Russian standards for the installation of equipment. When this happens, the untimely detection of such circumstances causes noticeable financial loss and endangers disrupting the complete realization of the project.

INVEST CONSULTING helps clients to steer clear of risks related to delivering uncertified equipment. Our wide network of business contacts in the mechanical and equipment fields allows our specialists to order any industrial equipment from the most economical up to premium components. Representing the client, we work directly with providers to get the specifications right and select optimal parts for equipping industrial enterprises with the necessary units for completion of the project.

Our services include:

  • Assessment to ensure that all necessary equipment conforms to Russian standards and safety requirements.
  • Assistance in certification of imported foreign equipment to conform with laws of the Russian Federation.
  • Recommendations in selecting the brand and type of required equipment for optimal utilization of time and financial expenditures of the investor.
  • Representation of guaranteed liabilities on all equipment, which will be delivered by our company.
  • Rendering documental support to logistics, and collaborating in delivering of materials and equipment to the building site.
  • Assistance with insurance risks related to delivery and installation of the equipment.

Collaborating with us means you get a double advantage: quick solutions for problems related to delivery and certification of necessary industrial equipment, and decreased expenses on the realization of your project due to a significant discount provided to our company by suppliers.