Professional management of large-scale construction projects in Russia
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Sergey Petrov

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The projects put together by Western or Asian specialist are often unrealizable in Russian conditions. The nuances of local laws, lack of efficiency, and discrepancies in the validity of technical solutions have caused the ambitious projects of many foreign investors to fail. Unfortunately, unpredictable situations can lead to disaster, and should also be considered when calculating risks.

By working with INVEST CONSULTING, you gain complete control of all stages of the design process – from choice of highly qualified designers to assistance with project agreements and authorizations for Russian governmental organizations. INVEST CONSULTING guarantees completion of all projects by guiding you step by step through the commissioning of your facilities:

  • We find competent designers, who specialize in preparing building projects for facilities with specific required functions.
  • We completely translate the process of Western projects to correspond with the requirements of Russian laws and local standards.
  • We maintain a controlled system throughout the entire design process and keep track of all the details in order to optimize your construction budget.
  • We obtain all authorizations from inspection organizations and defend the investor’s goals against the arbitrary decisions of Russian officials.
  • We provide to the client a complete package that encompasses all project requirements and permissions documentation.

The team at INVEST CONSULTING takes on all responsibility for making your project a success. With us, you will avoid project delays and losses that occur due to missing documents and certificates. We guarantee no delays or changes in your design process because of documentation issues.

We build personal relationships with our clients so that we can represent your interests. By entrusting your building project to us, you defend yourself and your business against technical and financial miscalculations, corruption, and lies.