Professional management of large-scale construction projects in Russia
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Documentation Services from INVEST CONSULTING

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Artem Pavlov

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The specifics of large-scale construction and installation jobs require a large amount of construction documentation to be worked up. Because of the imperfection of Russia’s constantly changing laws, and the lack of cooperation from some officials, this is a highly specialized task. Indecision, missing reports, and trivial complaints from officials are quite common. The result is a slowing down of important projects. It makes more sense to hand over these headaches to professional specialists, like INVEST CONSULTING.

Our team of specialists is qualified in handling all of the necessary permissions documentation and knows how to correctly manage these documents, including getting them to the right organization on time. We also help you to avoid claims from inspection organizations, which can further slow down the construction process.

We provide the following documentation services for our clients:

  • We organize important documents in accordance with the requirements of Russian laws.
  • We prepare a complete package of permissions documentation.
  • We obtain agreements and create passing documents.
  • We present weekly managerial reports (in two languages) about the process of investment project realization.
  • We formalize as-built documentation for your company’s work.
  • We control collection, delivery, agreements and registration for all permissions and as-built documentation on the production of construction and installation works.
  • We provide documental support for logistics.
  • We take care of the collecting and registration of as-built documentation from contractors. We also complete the operations document package to be presented to inspection organizations.
  • We obtain an operations permit for your facilities and also provide a property ownership certificate.

We are qualified to take responsibility for the management of all your permits and other construction documentation required by Russian laws.