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Timur Vakhitov

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Construction in Russia has its own peculiarities, which are related to climate features, undeveloped legislative and absence of unified standards for construction. It’s very difficult to determine just what will increase costs and time periods of construction and what will create problems during realization of the project.

Construction consulting will help the investor to begin construction in Russia with confidence and to complete it with predictable results. A distinctive feature of our company is the flexible, individual relationship we have with each investor. We interact with our investors in ways that make construction in Russia easy to understand, with assistance overcoming language barriers (including English and Turkish languages), and a clear understanding of the investor’s goals.

We offer a complete package of consulting services:

  • Understanding the investor’s requirements and forming a strategy for project realization.
  • Explaining features relating to the building sector in Russia and in the SEZ «Alabuga» territory.
  • Preliminary investment analysis, including technical condition of the building, ground area, completeness and conformity to active standards of the initial documentation package, assessment of risks, etc.
  • Forming initial data and creating technical tasks for preparing project documentations.
  • Audit of construction and installation assignments, and checking for their conformity to the project. Assessment of building procedures and costs of completed works, liabilities of the construction, etc.
  • Project analysis that includes gathering complete documentation for passing the state examination, as well as help with planning for the realization and optimization of project decisions.
  • Certifications for importing foreign equipment according to the requirements of the legislation of the Russian Federation.
  • Forming of staff list according to Russian standards and solving of organizational issues (permissions, localization, selecting of ground areas, etc.). .

Partnering with INVEST CONSULTING means our experienced specialists will solve the problems you encounter. Our team includes professionals who are competitive in the spheres you need for completion of a successful construction project. Take advantage of our knowledge to eliminate unnecessary financial expenses and lost time.