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Artem Pavlov

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Administrative barriers in Russia may only be overcome by specialists who have serious experience in solving these issues. It’s difficult for Western business people to understand the delicacy of Russian lawmaking and the specific protocols for communicating with officials. When potential corruption threatens the stability of project development, it is difficult to assess the legality of decisions made by officials. In these situations, professional support is necessary.

INVEST CONSULTING supports and represents investors’ interests to government authorities of the Russian Federation from local to federal levels of officials. We act as authorized representatives of the investor and protect its interests in the following structures:

  • All government and inspection authorities, including Russian technical supervision authority (ROSTEKHNADZOR) and State construction supervision authority (STROINADZOR).
  • Administration of SEZ «Alabuga».
  • Resource supply organizations: obtaining of technical conditions, permissions, and project agreements, etc.
  • Tax inspectorate: protecting investor’s interests during fiscal inspection of taxing authorities, expertly navigating the legal decisions and acts of authorities that are directed at the client, appealing decisions and reports of taxing authorities.
  • Police department and office of Public Prosecutor.
  • Directorate for Combating Economic Crimes, Antimonopoly service, Currency regulation authorities, local offices of customs service, Courts of Arbitration and Courts of General Jurisdiction.
  • Administration of the city where the planned facilities will be located.

We are the only consulting company located directly in SEZ «Alabuga». Experience and knowledge of the local reality are powerful instruments in fighting against corruption and official barriers.