Professional management of large-scale construction projects in Russia
Failsafe mechanism for construction project management

Construction Audit Services from INVEST CONSULTING

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Dmitry Denisenko

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After delivery of a loan for a construction project, banks and mutual investment funds require professional valuation of the actual situation. This ensures appropriate usage of the funds (released by them) and appropriate perspectives on loan repayment. In many cases, a loan debtor may request less money than is actually needed for construction. This could be an incorrectly calculated budget or an intentional discrepancy. Either way, it casts doubt on the timely repayment of the loan.

Experienced auditors at INVEST CONSULTING work in the construction sphere and have an insider perspective that decreases risks and encourages confidence from credit organizations. We provide complex analysis regarding the project’s finances and engineering-technical aspects, including:

  • Analysis of sufficiency and quality of permissions and project-calculation documents related to the project.
  • Financial control over the declared project budget and factual expenses according to the hold contract.
  • Price calculation control, assessment of relevance of the requested credit amount, summary analysis of project deviation in the financial sphere.
  • Estimation of quality and quantity of construction and the execution of installation activities. Correspondence of construction materials with GOST (Federal standard).
  • Estimation of real periods when the project will close-out.
  • Detecting potential risks to the project and generating recommendations for their minimization.
  • Calculation of the amount of financial expenditures for eliminating detected miscalculations.

As a result, you get a transparent and controlled project with maximum potential profitability, minimal time period of realization, and minimal investment risks. Depending upon the specifics of your project tasks, construction audits may be held in various stages of project development. With our vigilance, we make business safer.