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Dmitry Denisenko

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Holding a tender (bidding) is an important, systematic, and specific task, which requires a considerable investment of time. As a tender organizer, you may not know whether it will be cost efficient to unite all design and construction tasks for the project, or whether it’s necessary to require skills competency certificates from tender participants for each of the separate jobs, to ensure the safety of operations, and other nuances.

The team of experienced specialists at INVEST CONSULTING will help you to select contractors for construction and for procurement of construction materials and equipment. We make it our business to find contractors who do high-quality jobs at an optimal price. At INVEST CONSULTING, our dedicated team of professionals is ready to be your representative for organizing construction tenders and undertaking all services related to their preparation and execution.

The experts from INVEST CONSULTING will prepare the packet of competitive documentation, in which there will be assigned the procedure for tender holding, requirements for procured materials, and the necessary qualifications of providers with the selected criteria. Stages of tender preparation in the construction sphere include:

  • Preliminary market research for tender preparation;
  • Examination of contractors’ offers for compliance with tender documentation;
  • Advice for attracting tender participants, and valuation of bidders’ qualifications, competency levels, price of works offered by them, and construction materials;
  • Preparing the packet of tender documentation;
  • Recommendations for defining the winning bidder;
  • Valuation of tender proposals;
  • Preparing contract conditions;
  • Negotiating with the winners of the tender, and preparing and concluding the contract;

The competent insight of INVEST CONSULTING allows us to perform closed and opened tenders, and to perform specialized closed trades for suitably delivering technically complicated works and equipment. Also, we have successfully assisted with two-phased construction tenders, in cases when it’s difficult for the client to formulate exact requirements for a particular job, or when it’s necessary for the client to negotiate preliminary talks with contractors in order to determine their abilities to complete a task. Whatever your needs, we will make sure your tender proceeds smoothly.

The primary winner in a tender must always be its initiator, who gains from selection of the ideal executor. INVEST CONSULTING makes a strategic victory in the tender certain for you.