Professional management of large-scale construction projects in Russia
Failsafe mechanism for construction project management

Construction Management Services from INVEST CONSULTING

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Construction Management

Seasonal weather patterns in Russia, lack of knowledge regarding Russian logistical and marketing traditions, confusion about legislative standards – these often lead to serious delays in putting into operation the construction objectives of foreign investors. The experienced project management team at INVEST CONSULTING will provide holistic management for the construction of your facilities.

With a wide working experience in Russia, knowledge of local laws, and personal contacts within official organizations, we have the basis for successful realization of your complex investment projects.

Design Services from INVEST CONSULTING

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The projects put together by Western or Asian specialist are often unrealizable in Russian conditions. The nuances of local laws, lack of efficiency, and discrepancies in the validity of technical solutions have caused the ambitious projects of many foreign investors to fail. Unfortunately, unpredictable situations can lead to disaster, and should also be considered when calculating risks.

By working with INVEST CONSULTING, you gain complete control of all stages of the design process – from choice of highly qualified designers to assistance with project agreements and authorizations for Russian governmental organizations. INVEST CONSULTING guarantees completion of all projects by guiding you step by step through the commissioning of your facilities.

Cost Estimation Services from INVEST CONSULTING

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Cost Estimation

The key to a successful project is the correct assessment of the potential investment, as well as possible risks pertaining to the particularities of Russian business procedures. A lack of understanding of the local features and the delicacy of Russian laws can cause budgetary miscalculations for Western consultants. As these miscalculations add up, it leads to increased expenditures, time delays, a decrease in profit, and loss of investor interest in the project.

Documentation Services from INVEST CONSULTING

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The specifics of large-scale construction and installation jobs require a large amount of construction documentation to be worked up. Because of the imperfection of Russia’s constantly changing laws, and the lack of cooperation from some officials, this is a highly specialized task. Indecision, missing reports, and trivial complaints from officials are quite common. The result is a slowing down of important projects. It makes more sense to hand over these headaches to professional specialists, like INVEST CONSULTING.

Cost Management Services from INVEST CONSULTING

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Cost Management

INVEST CONSULTING – Specialists in planning and managing expenses. We help to save your profitability even in the event of project delays. Because we understand local building conditions and legislative norms inside and out, we minimize downtime between investment, putting the facilities into operation and beginning of profit earning. With us, you can count on the following professional-quality services.

Consulting Services from INVEST CONSULTING

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Construction in Russia has its own peculiarities, which are related to climate features, undeveloped legislative and absence of unified standards for construction. It’s very difficult to determine just what will increase costs and time periods of construction and what will create problems during realization of the project.

Construction consulting will help the investor to begin construction in Russia with confidence and to complete it with predictable results. A distinctive feature of our company is the flexible, individual relationship we have with each investor. We interact with our investors in ways that make construction in Russia easy to understand, with assistance overcoming language barriers (including English and Turkish languages), and a clear understanding of the investor’s goals.

Planning Services from INVEST CONSULTING

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The challenges met by foreign investors in Russia differ from typical construction project problems. Foreign organizations often have difficulty seeing the full details of construction in Russia, which include personnel issues, legislation, and even unexpected climate peculiarities.

Time delays, exceeding budgets, poorly executed works – these are only a few of the problems that may arise from incompetent project management. INVEST CONSULTING aids investors by planning for each stage of the building project’s lifecycle. We skillfully analyze risks and regulate expenses. We make your project manageable, and we provide complete transparency in the building process. Here are some additional benefits of using our services.

Bidding Management from INVEST CONSULTING

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Bidding Management

Holding a tender (bidding) is an important, systematic, and specific task, which requires a considerable investment of time. As a tender organizer, you may not know whether it will be cost efficient to unite all design and construction tasks for the project, or whether it’s necessary to require skills competency certificates from tender participants for each of the separate jobs, to ensure the safety of operations, and other nuances.

Equipment Services from INVEST CONSULTING

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For investment programs, one of the reasons why construction and the equipping of industrial buildings may slow down is discrepancies in Russian standards for the installation of equipment. When this happens, the untimely detection of such circumstances causes noticeable financial loss and endangers disrupting the complete realization of the project.

Construction Audit Services from INVEST CONSULTING

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Construction Audits For Banks

After delivery of a loan for a construction project, banks and mutual investment funds require professional valuation of the actual situation. This ensures appropriate usage of the funds (released by them) and appropriate perspectives on loan repayment. In many cases, a loan debtor may request less money than is actually needed for construction. This could be an incorrectly calculated budget or an intentional discrepancy. Either way, it casts doubt on the timely repayment of the loan.

Communications With Authorities Services from INVEST CONSULTING

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Communications with Authorities

Administrative barriers in Russia may only be overcome by specialists who have serious experience in solving these issues. It’s difficult for Western business people to understand the delicacy of Russian lawmaking and the specific protocols for communicating with officials. When potential corruption threatens the stability of project development, it is difficult to assess the legality of decisions made by officials. In these situations, professional support is necessary.

Completion and Start-up Services from INVEST CONSULTING

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Completion and Start-up

Because of the inconsistencies between construction realities and standard documentation requirements, putting your Russian facilities into operation often entails many bureaucratic barriers. Often, additional authorizations are required. This can delay the opening of your facilities indefinitely, leading to an increase in the project budget and a loss of profit.