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The first production run for “Hayat Kimya” paper was completed successfully.

The «Hayat Kimya» tissue and paper plant successfully produced its first run of paper on December 13, 2014, thanks to the support of SEZ «Alabuga» administration and the governance of the Tatarstan Republic. INVEST CONSULTING also takes part in this success. Our company actively participated in the realization of the construction project for the «Hayat Kimya» Plant, as well as preparing the facilities for operation. We know events will continue to go according to plan, and start-up of the synthetic detergents production line will be as successful as this one.

Industrial Manager of Paper Production, Lufti Aydin, thanked the team at INVEST CONSULTING for their important contribution to bringing about this impressive result. He stated that the partnership with INVEST CONSULTING led to the start of production in an unprecedented time frame—only 2 years. Even one of «Hayat Kimya’s» strongest competitors in Russia wasted 5 years on plant construction and has 2 times less productivity than «Hayat Kimya». In fact, the International Society of Paper Manufacturers has expressed to the company its own amazement at this efficiency.