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The HAYAT KIMYA Plant construction project is fully in order

On August 6th the HAYAT KIMYA Plant was inspected and a business lunch was conducted with representatives of the SEZ «Alabuga» administration.

INVEST CONSULTING is the mediator between the HAYAT KIMYA Plant and SEZ «Alabuga» administration. The task of INVEST CONSULTING is to provide effective communications between participants in the realization of the HAYAT KIMYA Plant construction project in the territory of SEZ «Alabuga».

The business lunch was devoted to sizing up intermediate works. Participants included: Nicholay Vasilyev (head of operations and power engineering management), Andrey Khamchenko (head of the road operations sector), Evgeniy Ivanov (chief of water supply and canalization department).

Mr. Vasilyev noted that from the moment INVEST CONSULTING began to manage the construction of the HAYAT KIMYA Plant, the relationship between the SEZ «Alabuga» administration and Turkish representatives improved noticeably, both in the construction process and in compliance for residents of SEZ «Alabuga». Also, he noticed that the construction process was going quickly and he expressed confidence that this process is managed by experienced specialists. He wished our team success and conveyed his intentions to recommend INVEST CONSULTING to other residents of SEZ «Alabuga».