Professional management of large-scale construction projects in Russia
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Successful take-off always has obstacles. To achieve flight, an airplane overcomes gravity, but a human overcomes a lack of motivational inertia.

INVEST CONSULTING can help your career take flight, which not everyone is able to make happen.

Before you determine if an interview with us is right for you, first familiarize yourself with our values and corporate culture.

Be advised: working for us entails putting in effort every day, continuous exertion, and being mentally engaged every day, living life to its fullest.

However, if you share the values of the team, you will also get powerful support from your colleagues to advance level by level. It is amazing how much you can learn and achieve when you choose strong allies.

We invite you to visit the «Opportunities» section for information about currently open positions at INVEST CONSULTING.

If you don’t find an appropriate opening but you have knowledge and talent, are poised to advance professionally and perfect your professionalism, or if you are already a high-level specialist and you are sure that your experience makes you a good fit for the INVEST CONSULTING team, please call us.