Professional management of large-scale construction projects in Russia
A fusion of diverse skills from highly qualified experts


A team of highly qualified specialists, whose fusion of diverse skills can solve any task.

INVEST CONSULTING is chosen by investors who understand that even a quite competent project manager is defenseless against force majeure situations. These types of situations occur frequently on construction projects in Russia, but they are always unpredictable. Simply put, our team’s combined talents outperform a solo project manager every time, and we are able to overcome unforeseen obstacles.

The team of specialists who know the reality of the construction business in Russia.

INVEST CONSULTING is chosen by businessmen and top-managers, who understand that Russian realities don’t always correspond with the expectations of foreign investors. It’s impossible to recognize and control these realities without the participation of a local player, who knows the laws and all the main contractors, and has many private contacts with Russian business, environmental, and governmental structures.

A friendly team of sophisticated professionals, who are in tune with the international business world.

INVEST CONSULTING is chosen by investors who appreciate cultural unity, who are accustomed to speaking with contractors in the language of shared values, and who recognize the value of our professionals’ experience working abroad. Our team exudes a fundamental understanding of what investors require and expect.

Our team aims to be a leader in the construction industry, building our business strategically and responsibly.

INVEST CONSULTING is chosen by those who are used to trusting the leader of the industry, who came into business seriously and who are dedicated to long-term success, and who take care of their professional reputations. Our team is chosen by those who prefer to build a business based on teamwork and who strictly follow unified ethical principles and international quality standards.

Advantages of working with INVEST CONSULTING:

  • Predictability of completing construction projects in Russia – according to the budget and within the specified timeframe.
  • Fulfilling complicated requirements of Russian legislation for as-built and authoritative documentation.
  • Quality and price of materials and equipment from proven local providers.
  • Individual control of realization of the project and detailed reports about the progress of the construction process.
  • Reliability and durability of facilities in real conditions of local operations.
  • Individual guarantees for successful completion of the project and personal responsibility of project managers.
  • Avoidance of unnecessary expenditure of investor funds.
  • Communication in a common language with people who are comfortable with international standards of doing business.