Professional management of large-scale construction projects in Russia
A fusion of diverse skills from highly qualified experts


One night in the late 1990’s, Timur Vakhitov, a young millwright worker who handled external and internal pipelines, had worked two shifts without sleeping. He then drove his car to make an impression on a pretty girl he had invited on a date. While on the highway, Timur lost his concentration and crashed his car in a terrible accident that endangered the lives of many people, himself included. This tragic accident changed the values and fate of the young millwright worker. Afterwards, he made the motto of his life – responsibility.

In ten years Timur Vakhitov step by step made the way from simple worker to chief of large-scaled construction projects, attained a higher education, and worked with foreign business partners, giving credence to his promises.

Timur Vakhitov was inspired to create the team of INVEST CONSULTING by meeting in Russia and abroad with some amazing specialists in the construction business. These specialists share his values and work both with conscience and with the fervor of achieving perfection.

The INVEST CONSULTING team united people who had already learned from past experiences and knew what problems to avoid. The mission of INVEST CONSULTING was formulated – a new system of realizing construction projects in Russia and the creation of a powerful mechanism for construction project management that overcomes all obstacles.

INVEST CONSULTING guarantees predictability in the completion of construction projects, including budget and proposed dates, even in the face of Russia’s incomplete laws, particular weather conditions, and problems with personnel.

  • Learning from the past we built the future.
  • We put our principles above short-term benefits.
  • We take responsibility for our promises and actions – every minute of every day.
  • This is the basis of our daily work.