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As the head of INVEST CONSULTING I guarantee you unified efficiency and one high-quality standard when working with any member of the team.

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I’m Timur Vakhitov

Timur Vakhitov

Started his construction path as a pipe fitter. Climbed step by step all the way to managing large scale construction projects. After receiving his college degree he also attended five additional business school programs. Thoroughly knows construction, has a strong will and leadership traits, and can «pull» any project by solving any problems, even the most difficult.

I am committed to building a business with a soul, as I built my own business in America. I am prepared to make INVEST CONSULTING an example of civilized business relationships in Russia.

Phone: +7 (987) 282-82-25

I’m — Dmitry Denisenko

Dmitry Denisenko

Studied on the Economic faculty of Urals State University. Owned a construction business in the USA, where he lived for twelve years. Came back to Russia to build a business here according to western models and adapted to the reality of Russia. He possesses a rare combination of communicativeness and analytical strengths.

I’m an expert in gas lines and security. As a project manager for INVEST CONSULTING, I ensure large-scale project realization without any claims throughout the construction process.

Phone: +7 (987) 298-76-23

Elena Plekhanova

Elena Plekhanova

Has 28 years of experience in construction. Has taken part in the largest projects in the country, such as 1st Program of Supplying Natural Gas to Rural Areas. Has unique compilation of knowledge that allows her to see construction from all three sides: as a client, as a general contractor and as a subcontractor.

I’m responsible for designing and carrying out electro-technological processes. My experience allows me to guarantee completion according to expectations of even the most difficult projects.

Phone: +7 (919) 684-83-04

Hello, my name is Sergey Petrov

Sergey Petrov

Graduated from Kazan Federal University with a degree in physics and computer science. Managed the department of IT at the ELAZ (OJSC «Production association Elabuga Automotive Plant»). Has a high degree of systematic thinking that allows tracking all of the details of the construction dynamic and finding uncommon solutions to the most difficult tasks.

I’m a professional construction engineer, formerly an engineer for the operations department. My knowledge and experience help me to determine possible problems before a project starts, and prevent their appearance.

Phone: +7 (919) 696-60-79

My name is Artem Pavlov

Artem Pavlov

Worked as lead technical engineer and managed such large projects as T73 PSA (Peugeot-Citroёn) and Rockwool plant construction. Has college degree as engineer of industrial and civil construction. Thoroughly knows the construction industry, and is an experienced analytic.

A great experience in the construction industry will help to realize a project just in time, without budget overruns.

Phone: +7 (987) 291 59 89

My name is Robert Zakirov

Robert Zakirov

A graduate of Kazan State University, Robert has experience working both in Russia and abroad, and he fluently speaks 4 foreign languages. He has been working in the construction industry for 11 years and worked as a general manager at a large construction company. Robert has exceptional organizational and analytic skills and often finds unique solutions for complicated tasks.

My experience in structural designing will help you to find the best technical solutions for realizing your project.

Phone: +7 (987) 291 57 46

My name is Regina Geletey

Regina Geletey

Regina Geletey graduated with honors from Kama State Engineering and Economics Academy. She received a degree in civil and industrial construction. Regina is a talented engineer with highly developed analytic thinking. She has experience in implementing large-scale projects, which she gained during her work as a design engineer at the Capital Construction and Rebuilding Administration of MC Tatneft-Neftehim Ltd.

I'm a project Manager. Physical and mathematical thinking helps me correctly build an algorithms for solving problems.

Phone: +7 (917) 220 62 05

My name is Denis Molchanov

Denis Molchanov

Denis is a physicist and mathematician. He graduated from Elabuga State Pedagogical University. He has been working in the construction industry for 7 years and has administered projects for large companies, such as Essen, MediaMarkt and McDonald’s. Denis worked as a leading construction manager at Stroy-Podryad Ltd. and received professional awards, including a Certificate of Honor from the Minister of Construction. He is a rare person who combines engineering logic with organizational skills.