Professional management of large-scale construction projects in Russia
A fusion of diverse skills from highly qualified experts

Greetings from the CEO of INVEST CONSULTING

Dear investors, colleagues, and partners!

In the last 10 years Russia has become a country that is desirable for investing in construction of industrial and commercial buildings. Not incidentally, the biggest foreign manufacturers have their own productions here. Also hotel chains maintain their own branches in Russia. A considerable portion of business centers and residential real estate were built with the money of foreign investors.

At the same time every investor, who has already been tasked with the realization of a construction project in Russia, understands that the solution to this task is not trivial and confronts certain predictable complications. In Russia everything is done differently. For example, weather peculiarity means projects have to be rethought; also the materials and technologies have to be changed. It’s necessary to overcome problems related to communications, to get agreement with administration and subcontractors. Whom the investor may trust, how to solve the personnel problems — is unclear, as laziness and theft can paralyze the construction. Laws (related to construction) have many hidden barriers, and only experienced lawyers, which have private contacts in regulatory organizations may overcome these barriers.

We worked abroad for a long time; we understand the mentality of European, American, and Asian manufacturers, and we know how often Russian realities do not correspond with the expectations of investors from other countries. Because of this we collected a team that proved to be capable of handling any circumstances on the way to your target. INVEST CONSULTING makes construction in Russia an adjusted, predictable, relevant process. And we do so in just the way the international business society wanted to see this process. We invite you to work with INVEST CONSULTING. We are sure, we know that this collaboration will be wholly worth the outlay.

Timur Vakhitov, CEO