Professional management of large-scale construction projects in Russia
A fusion of diverse skills from highly qualified experts

Community and Charity Involvement

Charitable, scientific and other non-profit organizations are the most vulnerable when confronted with problems related to construction. Their financing ability is low, and they usually do not have a team of experts for solving the economic issues of laborious and large-scaled projects.

Non-profit organizations confront specific challenges to solving project issues correctly and conscientiously, and they also have few additional resources for acquiring support from professionals.

INVEST CONSULTING is a company that takes great pride in civil responsibility.

We truly want to bring forth the future of Russia; we want to live in a healthy, educated society. We are ready to help those who share our values and pursue high goals.

If your non-profit organization is occupied in solving important social, spiritual, educational, or scientific tasks and it requires assistance in solving the problems that typically arise with construction projects, please write or call our competent project management professionals right now.