Professional management of large-scale construction projects in Russia
A fusion of diverse skills from highly qualified experts

Greetings from the CEO of INVEST CONSULTING

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Word from the CEO

Dear investors, colleagues, and partners!

In the last 10 years Russia has become a country that is desirable for investing in construction of industrial and commercial buildings. Not incidentally, the biggest foreign manufacturers have their own productions here. Also hotel chains maintain their own branches in Russia. A considerable portion of business centers and residential real estate were built with the money of foreign investors.


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What Makes Us Different

A team of highly qualified specialists, whose fusion of diverse skills can solve any task.

INVEST CONSULTING is chosen by investors who understand that even a quite competent project manager is defenseless against force majeure situations. These types of situations occur frequently on construction projects in Russia, but they are always unpredictable. Simply put, our team’s combined talents outperform a solo project manager every time, and we are able to overcome unforeseen obstacles.


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Our Story

One night in the late 1990’s, Timur Vakhitov, a young millwright worker who handled external and internal pipelines, had worked two shifts without sleeping. He then drove his car to make an impression on a pretty girl he had invited on a date. While on the highway, Timur lost his concentration and crashed his car in a terrible accident that endangered the lives of many people, himself included. This tragic accident changed the values and fate of the young millwright worker. Afterwards, he made the motto of his life – responsibility.

Our Pride. Our Team.

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Our Team

INVEST CONSULTING combines the unique knowledge of our team of high-level Russian construction professionals. Together, our team forms an innovative and reliable consultancy that manages the completion of large industrial construction projects. Our team can guarantee predictable results because of our many years of working with large-scale projects both in Russia and abroad, solving difficult tasks and the challenges that arise.

Our Mission and Values

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Our Mission and Values

We create a positive reputation for the new Russia — a country that is open, reliable, and easy to understand for international business. To that end, we devote ourselves to making the realization of ambitious construction projects easier.

A Global Vision and Our Place in It

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Our Vision

If there is a place in the world where new global ideas are accepted openly – this place is Russia, the motherland of Dostoevsky, Tsiolkovsky, and Sakharov.

If there is a place on the planet where the will of the people is able to make the seemingly impossible real – this place, too, is Russia, which has been victorious over fascism and made possible the wonder of space to the human race.

Community and Charity Involvement

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Community Involvement

Charitable, scientific and other non-profit organizations are the most vulnerable when confronted with problems related to construction. Their financing ability is low, and they usually do not have a team of experts for solving the economic issues of laborious and large-scaled projects.

INVEST CONSULTING is a company that takes great pride in civil responsibility.


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